XV of France: the story behind the strange glasses of Fabien Galthié

It is only an accessory but it is so intriguing that it is often a topic of discussion among supporters or curious viewers. In the stands, during press briefings or during post-match interviews, coach Fabien Galthié wears a fairly bulky pair of dark glasses, far from the minimalist binoculars worn by the president of the French Rugby Federation (FFR), Bernard The door.

Asked about these protruding glasses, the technician finally gives us the explanation of a secret as well kept as the combinations in touch of the XV of France. “These are plastic sports glasses that allow you to run, to fall because I broke all my glasses before,” explains Fabien Galthié, 51, who says he needed glasses once he reached his forties. “My eyesight deteriorated around 46-47 years old. I had to put on stronger glasses, but above all I had to stop breaking them. “

A model worn by basketball players

The former scrum-half, who does not save himself during training for the Blues, often putting words into action, found his happiness “with an optician friend in Toulon”, where he coached the RCT in 2017-2018. “They do not move, I can play squash, golf, I can run with the ball in training”, welcomes the boss of the Blues about the model which is particularly worn by basketball players. As for the futuristic look provided by the frame, everything is a matter of taste. “My mom doesn’t like it. My kids don’t say anything, they’re nice to their daddy. “

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