XV of France: the trial of Mohamed Haouas postponed to January 2022

The trial for burglaries of the pillar of the XV of France Mohamed Haouas which was to take place Friday in Montpellier has been postponed to January 7, 2022 for procedural reasons, his lawyer warned. This trial, initially scheduled for January 29, had already been postponed to May 28 and then again postponed to September 24 due to the congestion of the judicial calendar.

“It was again postponed because the Montpellier court realized that it was not holding hearings on the last Friday of the month,” his lawyer, Marc Gallix, told AFP. This time the hearing will take place on January 7 at 9 a.m. Mohamed Haouas is disappointed because he would have liked to get rid of it. It’s all old for him. “

Arrested in 2014 and detained for four days in a remand center as part of the investigation into a series of burglaries in tobacco shops, Mohamed Haouas was returned for theft in a break-in assembly. Established for the first time in the French team in February 2020 for the shock of the Six Nations Tournament against England, the MHR player (27 years old, 1.85 m for 123 kg) is today essential within the first line of the tricolor XV. Arrived at rugby late, at the age of 15, thanks to an operation by the Hérault General Council organized in his Petit Bard district in Montpellier, the former taekwondo enthusiast very quickly found his place in the world of rugby.

“We took him out of the detention center, explained Mohed Altrad, the president of Montpellier, in our columns in 2020. We reached an agreement with the prison and with the police to find an arrangement. We gave him a room in our training center and school basics so that he could read and write at least. He had to check in once a week at the police station and he would go home on weekends. “Mohed Altrad continues:” He turned professional. He’s safe now. There is no longer any reason to do stupid things, to go and rob anything. He got married, he has a baby boy and no more worries about money. “

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