Yalla Live Live broadcast Spain and Italy Yalla shoot YaLLa shoot first half | Now watch the Italy and Spain match Live broadcast today 6-7-2021 Arabic comment

Yalla shoot شو broadcast live Spain and Italy Euro 2021 today, the semi-finals and an interview awaited tonight in the first matches of today in the semi-finals of the European Nations 2020 We will pass it on to you Link to watch the Spain-Italy match broadcast live Kora Live for mobile, Italy vs Spain live yalla shoot.

Watch the Spain-Italy match broadcast live

We pass it on to you now Yalla shoot live broadcast Spain and Italy today In the Euro 2020 semi-final, we attach to you the details of the upcoming confrontation, as one of the top European footballers will meet Azrou and La Roja at Wembley Stadium in London today, Tuesday 6-7-2021, and the date for watching the match of Italy and Spain begins at 19:00 GMT, at eight in the evening The time of Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria, while in Egypt it starts at nine in the evening Cairo time, and it will be at exactly ten in the evening Saudi time, and the meeting will be at eleven in the evening in the United Arab Emirates, and it will be at exactly ten o’clock the time of Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Palestine.

Open channels that carry the match between Italy and Spain directly kora LIVE

Italy and Spain will meet at Wembley Stadium, with a crowd of 25,000 fans in order to watch Spain and Italy live tonight, and here are the channels that broadcast the meeting.

  • beIN Sports HD 2 Max
  • beIN Sports HD 1 Max
  • beIN 4K HDR
  • NPO 1
  • Sport TV1 Potugal
  • Sky Sport Uno Italy
  • ANT 1 (Greece)
  • ORF 1 Austria HD
  • RTE Two
  • CT Sport
  • Hewad TV
  • TVM 1 Mozambique
  • YLE TV 2
  • ORTM
  • 1TV Georgia
  • QazSport
  • beIN Sports FR HD 1

Yalla shoot live broadcast Spain and Italy now

Now we present to you Watching a match Italy and Spain live yalla shoot live, commented by Khalil Al Balushi, Italy vs Spain live yalla shoot, let’s get to know the first teams to qualify for the Euro final.

Spain and Italy today live broadcast

The two teams began warming up at Wembley just moments ago.

Now the national anthem of both teams, minutes and the exciting semi-final match begins.

A negative draw dominated the first 15 minutes of the summit match between Spain and Italy today at Wembley Stadium, which was attended by about 60,000 fans, according to expectations.

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