Yamila Reyna completely sank Cristina Kirchner

Written in ENTERTAINMENT the 3/9/2022 · 13:02 hs

Yamila Reyna He is one of the personalities who came to Chile to succeed. From Argentina, she crossed the mountain range to consecrate herself as one of the most representative figures of current entertainment, and climbed into television quickly and naturally. It was a few days ago that she even revealed that she will be one of the hosts of a new tvN cycle. Congratulations again!

But, as can be assumed, the roots are not forgotten. Yamila Reyna, coming from the Córdoba of the peperina, the mountains, the rivers and the fernet, cannot be indifferent to the social and political situation that is happening in his country. Thus, she commented on her social networks about the event that mobilized an entire nation.

For those who are not aware, last Thursday, September 2, Argentina experienced a moving night. She was the current vice president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner who was the victim of an attack when an individual approached her neighborhood while she shared with her followers and signed books. There, she pointed a gun at him and, although she fired the shot, the projectiles did not come out, avoiding a social and political catastrophe.

As social networks are never silent, it was there that users began to hypothesize about what happened. While some repudiated the fact because such an event cannot be allowed in full democracy, others argued that it was nothing more than a political set-up.

This last position was held, for example, by a deputy from an Argentine province, Amalia Granata, who ousted the president, as shared from the Argentine portal AMBA24. Via Twitter, he exclaimed: “All armed, what a pantomime, they no longer know what to do to victimize her and so that she rises in the polls, too obvious. The joke of choreo and corruption is over. Let’s go Argentina that we can get ahead without these criminals “. If you want to read more about the situation, enter here.

In this context, it was Diego Sánchez’s girlfriend who also had a strong opinion about what happened. Sharing one of the news reporting the event, he did not hesitate a second to make it clear what he thinks happened.

The worst performance of the year. Nerve.

Thus expressed without filters Yamila Reynawho then hinted that the attack for her would be nothing more than a political operetta to benefit the Government, an opinion that others also share because the reaction of the former president was surprised, who bent down to collect one of her books.

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