Yana Zakharova decided to catch up with Shafeeva with happiness that a guy came to her at House 2

Yana Zakharova decided to obviously follow in the footsteps of Yana Shafeeva’s namesake and enlarged her lips, which she immediately boasted in her microblog. Probably from the sudden happiness that rolled over, because a young man came to her. And now not only Nadezhda Ermakova, who moved in with Daniel Chistov, but Yana will be a pair, perhaps.

Why are there so many reservations about the likelihood of a relationship with Yana Zakharova? For a fairly long period of time of her second stay on the TV set, as well as the first time, Yana did not have not only long-term relationships, but also short-term novels. Except for an attempt to simply fit into a pair of Gorina and Nikolaychuk for the sake of a project “movement” or attempts to flirt with the hosts, with Vlad Kadoni and David Manukyan.

Maybe new lips will help Yana this time? Judging by the insider from the glade of House 2, she already goes on dates and takes courtship from her gentleman. Maybe the gingerbread truck turned over in the street right in front of Zakharova?


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