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President announced months ago the delivery of the And, so far, it has been delivered without major inconvenience. If you want to know if you access this subsidy, we recommend that you continue reading.

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And it is that the amount of 350 soles is intended to help families in situations of poverty or extreme poverty. For this, those who will obtain financial support have been categorized into four groups according to the way in which the money will be delivered to them.

It is worth mentioning that, under the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, different payment methods of the 350 soles have been enabled. In addition, it is worth informing that those people who have a minor under their charge, should receive 700 soles.

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Thus, the more than five million soles will be destined to support more than 13.5 million citizens and around 7.5 million families throughout Peru.

Check if you are a beneficiary of the Yanapay Peru Voucher

  • First you must enter the following link: .
  • Fill in the requested information such as: DNI number and date of issue.
  • Click on the box where it says ‘I’m not a robot’.
  • Accept the privacy policy.
  • Read the security recommendations and see if you are a beneficiary.
  • You can also make the consultation by calling the 101 telephone line.

Yanapay Bonus Payment Schedule

The Midis has established a relationship with the payment dates and the modalities for the collection of the so-called Bonus 350 soles:

  • Group 1: People from social programs: Pension 65, Juntos y Contigo. They can collect Bonus 350 from September 13.
  • Group 2: People with bank accounts, digital wallets, mobile banking and a DNI account (Banco de la Nación). They began to receive the Yanapay Bonus as of October 5.
  • Group number 3: Made up of people who live in rural communities without access to financial systems, who can already collect the 350 Bonus from October 18.
  • Group 4: People without bank accounts who will receive financial support through the Banco de la Nación windows as of December 17.


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