Yanet García poses in profile wearing a translucent minidress

The regiomontana Yanet Garcia Without a doubt, she looks radiant and shows off it on her social networks with an eloquent photograph with which she left little to the imagination, as she posed with a radiant dress that revealed her skin and her curvy figure.

The 30-year-old Mexican model and presenter, Yanet García, often paralyzes social networks by showing off her beauty with eloquent publications, thus succeeding in conquering her more than 13.6 million followers on Instagram, since “ The former weather girl ”is considered one of the women with the best silhouette in Mexico.

Thanks to this, Yanet has become a influenceFor that reason, she often shares exercise routines and beauty tips with her millions of followers, it is well known that the Mexican is certified as a trainer.

In addition, she is constantly very active on social networks, boasting the results of her perseverance and perseverance with the exercises, for this reason she has the most enviable silhouette on Mexican television screens.

In the last days Yanet Garcia He has pleased his followers on Instagram with sensual photographs in which he appears on his balcony or looking out the window, showing off his beauty and at the same time sharing positive messages.

This time, the now health coach She was seen wearing high suede boots and a minidress full of transparency, posing in profile and showing off her rearguard.

Never doubt yourself… Who you are, where you come from and all the potential you have “, wrote Yanet in the photograph.

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Then, the video that Yanet shared a few days ago in which he appears from behind contemplating the horizon has been his most popular publication so far this year, thus exceeding two million reproductions.

The beautiful royal certainly marks trend day by day on social networks and his followers are always on the lookout for his publications.

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And it is that she does not let a day go by without making a publication in them and she is always seen with all kinds of outfits, but undoubtedly, the most successful publications are those where she appears in a bathing suit.

This last photograph was shared 22 hours ago and so far it has more than 450 thousand likes and endless comments from its followers who every day fall more in love with its beauty.

Always so beautiful “,” GODDESS “,” It was wonderful! “,” Que rico !!! “,” I love !! Where did you get this dress “,” I love you “,” Beautiful “,” You’re amazing “,” Beautiful afternoon for a Bella Yanet “, were some of the comments.

It is worth mentioning that Yanet, who is also an actress, always manages to surprise her millions of fans that she has in Mexico, the United States and other countries, also women always share many of her beauty tips so that they can have beautiful skin like hers and a body also healthy.

As you may remember, the influencer became known as a model in her native Monterrey since she was a teenager and always looked for opportunities and scenarios to make herself known, and after participating in a beauty pageant she got it, so that’s how it started. to excel in the world of local and then national entertainment.

And having been a host for several years on the television program Hoy projected her much more and had repercussions to become more famous, and this is how now with social networks it can be said that she is one of the most followed Mexican celebrities in them.

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