Yanet García revealed that she is single again

Yanet’s followers were delighted by the announcement Photo: @iamyanetgarcia / IG

A few days ago, the followers of Yanet Garcia They asked questions at the request of the actress and host, which were published by herself in her Instagram stories, where she confirmed the end of their relationship con Lewis Howes.

One of the users questioned the actress as follows: “Do you have a boyfriend?” (Do you have a boyfriend?, to which the famous, who became known as “the Weather Girl”, answered with a strong “no” in capital letters followed by several exclamation marks that they accentuated the answer.

For months they had been circulating rumors about the alleged separation of the couple as they both stopped sharing photos together and Yanet deleted the publications where both celebrities appeared.

The couple revealed his courtship in April 2019 when they visited a Disney amusement park in the United States, the athlete’s native country. The relationship was brought to the public when the host uploaded a photo of the two together to their social networks.

Yanet García opened her account in Only Fans (Photo: Instagram @ iamyanetgarcia)
Yanet García opened her account in Only Fans (Photo: Instagram @ iamyanetgarcia)

Lewis is a 38-year-old retired athlete year-old, in his youth he played basketball for New York University and later became selected to represent your country in international competitions.

He was also part of an American football team that was part of the Arena Football League, where he served as catcher and left a good reputation for performance in his wake.

The rumors that claimed the separation of the couple began to emerge after Yanet announced the creation of your account in Only Fans, a digital platform in which famous personalities deposit content, whether photos or videos, for the consumption of users who pay memberships individual.

The difference between this site and conventional social networks is that adult content is allowed there, that is, erotic photos with risque content; which could mean a problem for the athlete. Rumors suggest that this was the main cause of their separation.

Despite the nature of the platform, the host clarified that she will use her account to separate her life as a host who shows through her networks, and that of a model who will now be on Only Fans.

The host left the Hoy program to move to the United States (Photo: Instagram @iamyanetgarcia)
The host left the Hoy program to move to the United States (Photo: Instagram @iamyanetgarcia)

After the clarifications, the host opened her account on the said social network and the fans immediately went to pay your subscription monthly to enjoy the content that Yanet will be uploading.

Those who disbursed the corresponding amount they have expressed their disappointment with the content that the artist has uploaded to her account as they ensure that is the same that was uploaded to his Instagram account at the time.

In the end, the content uploaded by the artist was filtered out by those who felt cheated by paying for content very similar to what already appeared in Yanet’s public accounts.

The driver finished her stage as a driver de Hoy last February, the reasons expressed by the singer were her incorporation to the American entertainment network Univisión and her love for her then boyfriend, whom she would be closer to by moving to the United States.

Yanet spent the first months of her stay abroad doing activities with Lewis, including bike rides, helicopter and private jet rides, and beach visits.


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