Yanina Latorre recounted new details of the scandalous separation from Alexis Mac Allister: “Her ex would have liked…”

Days ago a scandal broke out that had as its main protagonist a World Champion. However, the focus was not on his sports performance, but on his love life. Alexis Mac Allister left his girlfriend Camila Mayán and would be in a relationship with her lifelong friend. In LAM (America), Yanina Latorre He said that he met the player’s influencer and ex-partner in a shopping mall by chance and gave him new details about the separation.

The love between Mayán and Mac Allister seemed to be going smoothly. They had been together for five years, living in Brighton, England and she was his unconditional support at the World Cup in Qatar. There she stood out as one of the members of “La Scalot” who was most noticed thanks to her videos on the networks, where she showed her day-to-day life, her looks and makeup. But, love came to an end, at least for him. He left her and began a relationship with Ailén Cova, with whom he has been a best friend since they were children.

Mac Allister and Mayan were together since 2018 and lived in EnglandInstagram @camimayan

After the breakup, Camila spent a few weeks in Paris and now she has settled back in Argentina. In LAM, Yanina Latorre said that she found her in a shopping mall by chance and gave new information about the relationship.

“The story is a bit sad. She spent five years as a girlfriend with him, since they were very young, they were from the same group of friends. She has been living in Brighton with him for three years.“, accurate. He also added: “The boy is a sweetheart, from a divine family, because I asked him and he told me that the parents behaved very well.”

In this sense, he commented that the separation was not exactly on December 24, his birthday, as was said in some media. “Two or three days after Christmas he told her he didn’t love her anymore. They they were not in crisis, they had no problem. He didn’t tell her about the existence of the other girl.”.

The young woman in question, designated as the third in contention, is called Ailén Cova “She is his best friend, from childhood, all his life, from high school, they were close,” Latorre said. It is worth noting that on the athlete’s Instagram there are photos with the young woman dating from 2015 and 2017.

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Yanina Latorre revealed details of the separation of Alexis Mac Allister and Camila Mayán

Yanina explained that although Camila recently traveled to England, she did it to get her things, not knowing that his friendship with Ailén is already a formal relationship. “He didn’t bleach it. She would have liked the truth to tell him ‘I fell in love with another’ because it was easier to mourn. She she is super in love”.

Alexis Mac Allister has a photo on her Instagram with Ailén dating from 2015Instagram @alemacallister

According to the panelist, Ailén has already gone to live in England with Mac Allister. Meanwhile, about Camila, he revealed that he told her that he was “trying to rearm”. Currently, he is in Buenos Aires, in an apartment, and the player “the only thing he gave him was two months’ rent”.

“She has no intention of making any quilombo, nor of having lawyers. She is very sad because he was the love of her life. She doesn’t want to give grades, she doesn’t want to talk bad. She told me that her family is a love ”, closed the little angel, after revealing that her ex-mother-in-law called her when she found out about the breakup.


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