Yanis, 5 years old, killed because he wet the bed

For the “ordeal” inflicted on Yanis, who died at the age of five by a “sad winter night” in 2017 during a punishment, his stepfather was sentenced Friday to 25 years of criminal imprisonment by the Assize Court of Pas-de-Calais, the mother receiving four years in prison, two of which were suspended.

Julien Masson, 34, remained impassive to the statement of the verdict, recognizing him guilty of the murder of the child as well as of regular violence against him.

“I want to apologize, […] Sorry for all those who knew Yanis “, launched Julien Masson, in tears, before the court withdraws. “It’s not for the trouble” but I would like “that we accept that I did not want to kill him”.

Judging “the intention of homicide […] characterized “, the Advocate General, Patrick Leleu had requested 28 years imprisonment against him and five years in prison, including 30 months suspended against the mother.

Julien Masson does “could not ignore that the violence” inflicted on the child “would have fatal consequences”, underlined the magistrate.

He recalled the “blows”, night walking, “this severe hypothermia” inflicted on Yanis, submerged dressed in the canal near the hut of Aire-sur-la-Lys where the couple spent the weekend.

He also stigmatized “the insufficiency, the absence” explanations by the accused, who during five days of hearing showed the court only “smoke curtain”.

Julien Masson had ended up admitting, Thursday his “responsibility” in a death remaining however for him “accidental”. Yanis would have done “several falls” and he would have hit him with a “blow of the lamp” of pocket.

According to the investigation, he left the shed around 12:30 am to take the child to run along the canal in a temperature of five degrees, to punish him for having done “wet the bed”.

When help arrived, Yanis was lying on a jacket, hypothermic and soaked, his body covered with about thirty bruises, some of them old. According to the autopsy, he succumbed to a head trauma following a severe impact.

Returning to the version of the punishment, Julien Masson assured to be only out “look for tobacco” with the child, evoking a “caprice futile” on his part.

“What he’s telling us doesn’t match, […] does not explain half of the wounds “, responded Me Anne Simar, lawyer for one of the seven civil parties. All raised the “inconsistencies” of the accused.

“This bedwetting was just a pretext”, in a context of tension within the couple, where the child “could be cumbersome”, estimated the lawyer for the Childhood and Sharing association.

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