Years: he steals 8 bottles of alcohol from the Carrefour store to pay the deposit for his apartment

A 56-year-old man from Mons was arrested this Saturday by the police for having stolen eight bottles of alcohol from the Carrefour store in Ans, Friday evening at 7.45 p.m.

The thief had just bought a can of beer put on the carpet. But when passing the security gate, it began to ring.

The security guard then searched him and found the 8 bottles in his jacket and pants. The damage is 235 euros.

The man tried to explain the nature of his act. No longer having accommodation with his wife in Mons, he was advised to come to Liège, but a deposit would have been requested for the future Liège apartment for which he did not have the money. He hoped to sell alcohol to pay the deposit.

The thief has a long criminal record. He has already been sentenced several times, specifies the magistrate on duty. He had calmed down for a few years before starting over. He had just been released from Lantin prison on October 8. Monitoring by electronic bracelet was scheduled for next February.

The Montois was referred to the prosecution on Saturday morning. He will be the subject of an accelerated citation before the criminal court on December 7.

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