Yecheon-gun wins 4 national archery championships, Kim Je-deok

[예천=뉴스프리존]Reporter Jang Yeon-seok = The 102nd National Sports Festival Archery Competition, held for 4 days from the 8th to the 11th at Jinho International Archery Center in Yecheon-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, ended with great success.

In this competition, high school archers representing the region from 16 cities and provinces participated and competed fiercely for the honor of the region. As a result, the men’s division ▲90m Kang Min-jae (Gwangju High School) ▲70m Kim Je-deok (Gyeongbuk Il High School) ▲50m Kim Je-deok (Gyeongbuk Il High School) ▲30m Je-deok Kim (Gyeongbuk Il High) ▲Individual Exhibition Je-deok Kim (Gyeongbuk Il High) ▲ Team Gyeonggi-do won the championship.

Kim Je-deok (Yecheon Gyeongbuk Il High School), who won two gold medals in archery at the Tokyo Olympics, won four gold medals in the 30m, 50m, 70m and individual events. set a record for obtaining

Kim Je-deok, archer (center, back row)/Ⓒ Yecheon-gun

Women’s Division ▲70m Na-ri Kim (Yeogang High School) ▲60m Yejin Oh (Ulsan Sports Science High School) ▲50m Hyejeong Yeom (Bugae High School) ▲30m Seoyun Ahn (Seongmun High School) ▲Solo Hansol (Hongseong Girls’ High School) ▲Group event Seoul City won the championship, and the mixed event Ulsan Metropolitan City won the championship.

During the competition, high-ranking officials from the Korean Sports Council, including Ki-heung Lee, President of the Korea Sports Council, and Ha-young Kim, President of the Gyeongbuk Sports Council, visited the site to encourage players, executives, and officials, and rewarded the winners.

Kim Hak-dong, Mayor of Yecheon County, said, “The 102nd National Sports Festival archery tournament ended well under a thorough quarantine system. In particular, thanks to Kim Je-duk’s outstanding performance, he contributed greatly to promoting Yecheon, the mecca of archery, once again throughout the country.”

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