YFN Lucci wanted by police after fatal Atlanta shooting

Atlanta police have been searching for several hours for YFN Lucci, accused of taking part in a fatal shooting that took place last month.

If many rappers have been the victims of shootings in recent months, like a King Von who succumbed to his injuries after a fight at the exit of an Atlanta club, others still continue to take arms. In a public statement posted on YouTube, the captain of the Atlanta police force openly affirmed that his services were looking for rapper YFN Lucci, whose real name is Rayshawn Bennett, who therefore remains untraceable for the moment. Like 2 other suspects who have already been arrested and were aged 17 (!) And 23, Lucci was said to have been directly involved in a fatal shooting that took place in mid-December in Atlanta and which caused the death of 2 men, each time hit by a shotgun shot. The 29-year-old rapper is currently still wanted for murder, assault, criminal activity in connection with a gang and possession of a firearm. The police are also offering $ 5,000 for any clue that will help them find the rapper.

A premature end of career?

With such charges weighing against him, Lucci therefore risks spending a very long time in prison, which will obviously end his career even if his relatives will undoubtedly be able to exploit pieces not yet released. Nevertheless, if we obviously do not know the outcome of this story, it recalls how the border is particularly thin between American rap and the criminal world. Especially since in this affair, YFN Lucci was accompanied by 2 men much younger than him and will undoubtedly be assigned the role of leader of this team having probably cost the lives of 2 people …

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