YG announces BLACKPINK’s rules from now on refrain from accepting expensive gifts from fans!

The content of this announcement is that

Hello, I’m the support manager.

“We would like to announce FAN SUPPORT to the fans who continue to show their appreciation and support for BLACKPINK. This year, we received overwhelming congratulations for their 5th anniversary, so we decided to announce our fans’ heartfelt support and gifts. with difficulty After talking with the BLACKPINK members for a long time,

From now on, we will refuse to support and send gifts prepared with love and care from fans. To celebrate BLACKPINK’s special days such as anniversaries (group debut, solo, birthday) / broadcasts (music programs, radio, variety shows) / performances (snacks, flowers).

we will be very grateful What if instead of sending gifts and support to celebrate their special day? Those gifts will be sent to others who need it more. Please understand that we will send it back or clear it without notice. To an anniversary or a gift by mail / express delivery that is not a letter from a fan.”


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