Ygona Moura, Brazilian ‘influencer’, is in a coma due to the coronavirus

Through the different social networks, the family of the ‘influencer’ confirmed that Mouro’s health status has worsened in recent days and is currently in the intensive care unit of the Hospital Cidade Tiradentes de Sao Paulo.

“The state of Ygona is very serious. The lungs are quite compromised and he also has a kidney problem. You can die. This information was transmitted by the doctors, ”wrote the young woman’s mother on Twitter.

Ygnora, who has more than 25,000 followers on Instagram, invited citizens not to respect restrictive measures and attend massive clandestine parties. He even assured on more than one occasion that the coronavirus did not exist.

The ‘influence’However, she recognized her mistake after she was diagnosed with the disease. “I’m sick people. I’m having a really bad time. From so much wanting evil, it touched me and I started to feel very bad ”, he claimed.

Although I did not provide further details, the mother of the content creator asked all her followers to continue praying and sent positive energy so that Ygona Moura can overcome COVID-19.

In Brazil, which began this week the massive vaccination campaign, There have been more than 8.8 million confirmed cases and nearly 216,000 deaths related to the virus so far, being the South American country most affected by the pandemic.

Ygona Moura, Brazilian ‘influencer’, is in a coma due to the coronavirus


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