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International Center/Reported by Chen Jialing

According to the spirit of ghosts and gods, there are similar legends everywhere, but if you use the heart of respecting ghosts and gods in bad places, you will have a bad end! A Hong Kong netizen said in a post that his colleague claimed to have yin and yang eyes and could see the existence of spirits, and even directly asserted that “there is a ghost in the office,” making many colleagues feel “fuzzy” in their hearts. But after the truth was exposed, the ending was dumbfounded.

▲ The employees of the company claim to have yin and yang eyes, and they also say that they see ghosts in the company for “this purpose.” (Sketch/data screen)

According to a netizen’s contribution from the Hong Kong fan page “Office Daily”, a colleague named Joe usually likes to talk about supernatural topics. He also claims to have yin and yang eyes and can see spirits that others can’t see. The original PO asked, “Then what do you see in the company now?” When asked by his colleagues, Joe changed his blunt attitude, and then said that he had seen “Friends of the Underworld.” The original PO said that he was half-believing at the time. Later, when chatting with the security of the building, he learned that the office had jumped from the building many years ago. There was an accident in the office building, and colleagues from Yin and Yang had seen the spirit body again. After the news spread, the colleagues in the company were panicked, and fewer and fewer people dared to work overtime at night.

▲ Office employees heard Yin Yang Yan colleagues say “there is a ghost in the company”, and almost no one dares to stay in the office and work overtime. (Picture/Extracted from Pixabay)

However, Joe, who had yin and yang eyes, resigned. The original PO heard a strange voice in the office and called to ask about Joe’s spiritual situation. Unexpectedly, Joe said that he “has no yin and yang eyes at all.” Just casually, in fact, in order not to work overtime. The original PO did not give up and asked, “But the security said that someone really jumped off the building before”, but Joe replied, “Which building of the Hong Kong Building did not die?”

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