Yina Calderón Manuela Gómez vacations in Cancun

Yina Calderón and Manuela Gómez, who became known after a famous reality show, they are partying in Cancun, tourist city of Mexico.

Although, supposedly, both women were going through difficult times, these characters are enjoying a controversial vacation.

In previous days, Yina Calderón revealed that her state of health was delicate, after undergoing several operations on his tail, which became infected due to lack of care.

On the other hand, Manuela Gómez stated that she was depressed because of the problems with his mother and an addiction of which he did not reveal much.

«SWhere I go back I fall back on my things and I don’t want that for my life. I feel anguished, depressed for not stopping doing it, “said the woman on her Instagram account.

Regardless, both women traveled to Mexico where, constantly, they publish photos and videos of the parties in which they are.


«Tonight I get drunk, peck and fight; because I’m so damn lazy », Yina Calderón wrote in some images where she sings with Manuela Gómez.

On the other hand, Manuela Gómez also appears singing and drinking liquor with her friend and her boyfriend, who accompanies them on this trip.

In the face of criticism for being drinking alcohol and not taking care of yourselfYina Calderón affirmed that “it seems like I’m drinking, but I’m not doing it”, something that few believed.


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