Yina Calderón’s new look change that many cannot believe

Through several videos, Yina Calderón exposed her most recent change of look that made her receive hundreds of compliments and other comments.

Credits: Instagram - @yinacalderonoficial

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Credits: Instagram – @yinacalderonoficial

Yina Calderon continues to do its thing on Instagram, despite all the scandals that surround it, biopolymers, boyfriends, alcohol abuse, parties without security protocols, among others, Colombians are still attentive to what their next move will be.

The woman from Huila is quite active on social networks, especially on Instagram, where she is very close to reaching 3 million followers. The former participant of ‘Protagonistas de Nuestra Tele’ usually shares previews of her personal projects, promotes her own products and of course shows details of her personal life.

The now guaracha singer is recognized in the country for her extravagant personality and because she basically does not feel sorry for anything, likewise, her colorful hair stands out, Yina Calderón has had green hair, fuchsia, sky blue, royal blue, orange, etc. , but now he decided on a new option.

It turns out that the celebrity He spoke a few hours ago on his Instagram Stories showing his most recent change of look:

I just wanted to tell you that I changed my tonethis is not black, it is actually brown, I wanted to change to the color with which I started this whole round. My hair deserved to rest a little from the so much discoloration that I had been suffering, that’s why I changed it to dark, let’s see how long it lasts.”.

Then he published in his feed a video in which he appears singing one of his songs and accompanied it with the following message: “Back with the hair color with which I started this journey 8 years ago and nothing better than with this guaracha that is going to represent us, women ”.

The short on Instagram already has almost 400 thousand views and has more than 70 thousand likesIt also shows various comments from Internet users, for example:

“You are beautiful!”, “That color is spectacular”, “Finally something beautiful”, “The one that looks the most, I hope it stays that way”, “Super, I love that change”, “Finally. His eyes were already dazzled with those colors ”,“ Too bad that in 4 days he gets crazy and he paints it ”,“ The best color ”,“ It’s much better than all of them ”,“ Baby, you look so pretty, stay like this, please!” and many more.

It is worth remembering that Yina Calderón made the news a few days ago for a publication that caused some controversy, she did it through Instagram.

It is exactly a photograph that she herself published in her feed, it is a nude that, fortunately for Calderón, was not censored, possibly because she appears on her back and covered with what looks like sand or small stones.

The celebrity is leaning on a hammock and her colorful hair is collected in two buns, in the description of the post she talks about a publication that Instagram deleted, in which a small person appeared but the platform believed it was a child, so once related to his ‘Potifiestas’.

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