“Yo Soy” defined its six finalists with a fierce vote: followers were not satisfied | TV and Show

This Sunday the first final of the stellar took place I am of Chilevisión, in which the nine finalist imitators faced each other for a quota to the definition of December 21.

In this sense, the program chose six artists among those selected for the definitive program, after all presented themselves with outstanding performances before the jury composed of Myriam Hernández, Antonio Vodanovic, and Cristián Riquelme.

However, on this occasion, the public was in charge of deliberating the finalists, by means of electronic voting.

Those selected were the interpreters of: Raphael, Ana Gabriel, Miguel Bosé, Daddy Yankee, Mon Laferte and Cat Stevens

While imitators of Yuri, George Michael and Gloria Trevi they were left on the road.

As expected, the definitions in the space left a series of comments and some criticisms on social networks, where it was trends overnight, basically from who were not satisfied with the result.

It should be noted that Chilevisión has already advanced the premiere date of the third season of the program, which will be on January 3.


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