“Yo Soy”: Hugo Apaza, impersonator of Ricardo Montaner, left the set in full presentation

He impersonator of Ricardo Montaner (Hugo Apaza) He left the set after singing the song “Will” and left all the members of the jury table with a great doubt. What happened to the artist? In the last edition of “Yo Soy” the singer could not continue with his presentation due to a “health” theme.

At first it seemed like he had forgotten the lyrics, however he looked around and before finishing the last verse, he walked out. This act left more than one jury and the presenter speechless.

Maricarmen Marin was one of the first to pronounce: “In these moments of frustration, it is important that you can resolve your emotion. It is the first time that happens in ‘Yo Soy’ ”, he assured.

On the other hand, Mauri Stern added that before being artists, they are people, so the feeling won him. “It is the human part, which comes before anything else. It breaks my heart”, He indicated.

To try to resolve the fact, Cristian Rivero he sent a commercial court and when he returned, he expressed his concern for Hugo Apaza. “We are still dismayed, it was very good, but something happened. He left the stage … It is a health issue, “he said.

So far it is unknown if the impersonator of Ricardo Montaner will continue in competition or not since two days ago he had a confrontation with Dyango (Jairo Tafur) so they were tied and they needed this gala to know who would be the consecrated person who will get the chair.


The season 28 of “I am” raised like champion to the imitators of Il Volo. After a close competition between the five finalists –Cecilia Bracamonte, Marilyn Manson, Il Volo, Celia Cruz and Amanda Miguel- the group was chosen as the winner, which generated great controversy among the audience.

This time, the vote was not in the hands of the jury or the public, but of a VIP Jury. Which was made up of the artists John Kelvin, Giovanna Valcárcel, Jean Paul Santa María (Orquesta Candela), Germán Loero, Kate Candela, Brigitte, Joseph Buitrón (Combination of Havana), Ana Kohler, Otoniel Ríos (Great Orchestra), Arturo Álvarez, Shantall Young, Dante Cardoza and Marisela Puicón.

Upon receiving his award, one of the imembers of Il Volo he was encouraged to say a few words: “Thank you very much to the entire team, jury, to all those in production. Thank you. We have been fighting for this for a long time, “Miguel said.


After the new season of “Yo Soy” and many will wonder why Ricardo Moran is not in the program, the producer of this space sent a message to his followers through social networks.

“It is the first time in 9 years that I take a license for a season, I will know how to take advantage of it,” he wrote in the lines of his publication accompanied by a photo from Miami, Florida.

In addition, he gave a welcome message to the new members of the jury: “Tony Succar y Mauri Stern, Welcome! What a beautiful luxury family! ”Added Catalina and Emiliano’s father.

As well thanked his team who have accompanied them since “Yo Soy” was premiered for the first time: “Today (Monday, January 4) it opens “I Am: Great Battles” in charge of the Rayo en la bottle team and led by the giants of Sebas Martins and Ana Roca Rey ”, he said.


My favorite novel“: The great works of classical literature with the commentaries of the Nobel Prize Mario Vargas Llosa. An RPP production for all Spanish-speaking listeners.

The extraordinary thing about “Rinconete y Cortadillo” is that it conveys so much generosity and optimism about the human condition. Today’s work belongs to the “Exemplary Novels” by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra and with it we will laugh with some small criminals, picturesque types and shameless women.


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