Yohann Diniz made up for lost time on the 50 km walk of the Tokyo Olympics

Yohann Diniz had a funny start on Thursday (Friday morning in Japan). The Frenchman (43) got off to a good start, positioning himself at the forefront, especially with the Chinese Yadong Luo. Then, after taking the lead at the fifth kilometer, he made a passage through the toilet which delayed him for a long time.

The tricolor walker emerged just in front of the peloton. But, at the end of the long straight, instead of taking the left turn like all of his competitors, Diniz stopped on the right for some unknown reason. After a few seconds, he started again but found himself far behind the lead, 1’38 behind the Chinese leader Luo, at the middle of the 12th kilometer.

As fate seemed to be hitting the world record holder, he began an impressive comeback, regaining the lead pack shortly before halfway. It remains to be seen if this effort has not undermined it too much for the rest and the end of the test.


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