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Today’s focus:Meng WanzhouPlea bargaining, The two microphones hurried back to add,Hostage diplomacyWin or lose debate.

U.S. Department of Justice andMeng WanzhouofPlea bargainingWhat is it? Whether Meng You pleaded guilty or not in exchange for freedom? A comparison of gains and losses between the United States, China and Canada.

The plea deal reached by the U.S. Department of Justice and Meng Wanzhou is not for non-prosecution. Whether the United States has achieved its original goal of requesting extradition, what Meng might face after returning to China, and whose concessions are greater? The CCP declaredCanadaThe two Mikes are hostages, once again proving that the tactical victory and the strategy have failed, and Canada is the winner.

Did Meng Wanzhou plead guilty?What is the content of plea bargaining

It is a plea agreement, guilty pleas in Chinese: Plea guilty pleads guilty to the alleged crime Admission admits that the accusation is true, and the latter is used here.

Have you pleaded guilty? In court, Meng did not plead guilty to the charges, but admitted the prosecution’s statement of facts. In the American judicial system, this is plea bargain, a kind of compromise. The defendant admits or does not reject part of the accusation in exchange for the prosecution to give up the accusation. crime.

Here, the description of the US Department of Justice is: “In entering into the deferred prosecution agreement, Meng has taken responsibility for her principal role in perpetrating a scheme to defraud a global financial institution,” stated Acting US Attorney Boeckmann. “Her admissions in the statement of facts confirm that, before entering the deferred prosecution agreement, Meng assumed responsibility for her main role in defrauding international financial institutions. Her admission of the statement of facts (Admission). Note that the plea bargaining is not an out-of-court settlement. The plea bargaining is It is very common in the United States. In the United States, 90%-95% of criminal charges are settled by plea bargaining, and only a few enter the jury court.

This is not a non-prosecution, but a delayed prosecution agreement. By definition, the government prosecutes the defendant but does not move forward for the time being. The delay this time is until December 2022. If there is no violation of the agreement during this period, the charges will be dropped at that time.

The gains and losses of the United States should be seen from the purpose of extradition

United States: What is the purpose of the United States? The request for the extradition of Bangladesh is part of the prosecution against Huawei. The target is Huawei. The arrest of Bangladesh is to prove Huawei’s guilt. Now that Meng admits to the crime, he is actually a tainted witness in the Huawei case.

Win: I got a partial confession from Meng Wanzhou, the justice of prosecuting and requesting extradition; with the evidence in the Huawei case, not only did it have no negative impact on the Huawei case, but also obtained the necessary evidence.

Loss: In the eyes of some people, after having been busy for nearly 3 years, they still let go and gave in to the CCP. The deadlock must be broken. It can only be said to be imperfect, but it is indeed a good result in many possible situations. You may get nothing without making limited concessions. (Yokogawa View

Duties and responsibilities to allies:CanadaIt was passively involved in the implementation of the bilateral extradition treaty, but it was regarded as the target of kidnapping by the CCP. This was originally an American matter, but it put Canada under the greatest pressure, and even if the extradition was successfully tried in the U.S., the CCP would still use Canada to vent its anger. , The hostages will not be released. The United States should take this responsibility.

From this point of view, I can’t see a better solution than now.

From a historical perspective, Meng’s return to China is not free

Meng Wanzhou: Win: Return to China and not stand trial in the United States. But this is not freedom. China has no freedom. What will be the result of confession?

One is that the plea bargaining is Meng’s own idea, is it the CCP, or is it approved by the CCP? At least approved. But the CCP wanted her to go back, not necessarily to make her a hero, let alone plead guilty and leave evidence. How many people the CCP is committed to bringing back from abroad need to become heroes? They are all red flag criminals, or dissidents such as Wang Bingzhang who are regarded as thorny.

What’s the result? The prisoners of war in the Korean War are the best example. At that time, the CCP desperately wanted all the prisoners of war to return home. In the latter part of the Korean War, the biggest obstacle to the inability of a truce was the issue of the repatriation of prisoners of war. China and North Korea insisted on repatriating all, while the United States insisted on voluntary repatriation.

However, in the end, about one-third of the prisoners of war, ranging from high-level commanders to ordinary soldiers, were not exempted from persecution. About 92% of the party members were expelled from the party. Those who were not expelled were also subject to various sanctions. Moreover, for decades All sports come out to criticize. Regardless of the excitement now, I am not optimistic about Meng Wanzhou’s future.

The capture of volunteer soldiers was still an inevitable event in the war. Those who returned to China were still the most loyal to the CCP. Those who were not loyal went to Taiwan and treated them like this. Don’t think that the CCP’s charter flights are a good thing. As the chief financial officer of Huawei, there is no way for the government to use the taxpayer’s wallet to pick up the phone. It is more like a defense to say that it is safe. Who to guard against? It’s definitely not the United States and Canada, so only the prevention of Meng Wanzhou will change.

Lose: I have confessed my guilt and violated my promise, that is, if the three conditions are not met: unconditional release, public apology, compensation for spiritual and material losses, “I would rather sit in the prisons of the United States and Canada!” Evidence against Huawei.

Chinese Communist PartyHostage diplomacyWin face and lose lizi

CCP: Win: Hostage diplomacy has taken effect, and the United States finally entered a plea bargain. Canadian hostages must be one of the considerations.

Losing: The image of kidnappers in front of the world. Meng Wanzhou was released almost at the same time as a hostage after boarding the plane. To almost everyone’s expectation, the CCP is not taboo. In fact, it is deliberately telling the world that this is a hostage. The CCP’s standards are different from those of the world. The CCP considers this to be a victory, but to the world, it may regard it as a defeat.

Two Mikes were arrested and released arbitrarily. During the period, they were seriously indicted for espionage. In March this year, the case was heard in public on the grounds of state secrets. On August 11, Spaver was already sentenced to 11 years in prison. All charges can be charged. Erase them all in one second, and even the sentences that have been pronounced can be set aside, indicating that all the charges are false. China’s judicial system is a joke.

One may be a minor side effect of the time bomb. He had a relationship with Kim Jong-un. Michael Spavor operated a North Korean tourism business in Dandong. The guests included Kim Jong-un’s friend star Rodman, and Spavor himself and the North Korean government The relationship between officials is also very good, and there are even rumors that they have a good relationship with Kim Jong-un himself. Although the CCP has always used North Korea as a gunman, Kim Jong-un is not necessarily willing. The CCP has always been a branch of the Soviet Union and has been aided by the Soviet Union. It turned out to be a turnaround. Moreover, during the Cold War, wars between socialist countries far exceeded those between the two major camps.

As the French think tank report said a few days ago, the CCP won tactically but failed strategically.

Canada is the winner

Win: Demonstrating the independence of the judiciary and fulfilling the promises of international treaties, there is not much to lose in this matter.

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