Yoshitomo Tsutsugo, No. 2 for the first time in 12 games Solo from the catcher Molina in the 2173th game “First pitching” | Full-Count

With 2 at bats, 1 hit and 2 walks, the batting average was .181.

■ Cardinals 18-4 Pirates (23rd Japan time, Pittsburgh)

Pirates outfielder Yoshitomo Tsutsugo hit his second home run this season for the first time in 12 games against the Cardinals at his home base on the 22nd (23rd Japan time). It was a shot from the legendary catcher Yadier Molina who was pitching in the fielder. The team lost 4-18 and lost three games in a row.

Tsutsugo, who started in “No. 6 DH”, had 2 walks and no pleasant sound until the 3rd at bat. Since there was a large difference in points, both army fielders pitched in the 9th inning. Then, without death in the 9th inning, Tsutsugo at the beginning carried the 6th ball to the right wing seat. Arch for the first time in 12 games since the 7th (8th). On that day, he had 1 hit and 2 walks in 2 at bats, and his batting average was .181.

Thirty-Nine-year-old Molina, who boasts nine Gold Glove Awards, scored two shots and four runs in her 2173th “pitcher debut” in total. In the Cardinals, Albert Pujols infielder pitched in the 2988th game in total against the Giants on the 15th (16th), but the legend stepped on the first mound again.

[Actual video]Tsutsugo hit the second home run from Molina on the “first pitch”

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