“You are all p ****”

According to the lawyer, the altercation began when Yasmina asked other customers in front of her to bring their groceries forward on the checkout mat so that she could put hers down. She was then allegedly insulted by several veiled women. The security guard intervened to get Yasmina out of the store but without success.

After paying for her shopping, Yasmina left the store where the security guard joined her to take a picture of her license plate “on her own account”, according to the mother’s statements. The man then said to him: “The Arabs of France like you are all whores, when you are a bitch’s daughter you go out as a bitch.

Yasmina then threw a glass of water in her face and it was at that moment that she received the blow from the security guard. The young woman is in shock, as is her little daughter who witnessed the scene. She received support from SOS Racisme and LICRA.

Aldi declined to answer France Bleu’s questions regarding this affair.


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