you can buy your Christmas tree from November 20

It won’t be a Christmas like the others, but it will not be a Christmas without a tree. A decree published Thursday, November 19 confirmed the authorization of the sale of Christmas trees from Friday, as announced by the Minister of Agriculture on Monday. And specifies the conditions under which it will be possible for businesses forced to close during confinement, such as florists.

Restrictive measures in force “do not preclude the sale of Christmas trees as of November 20, 2020”, details the text published in the Official Journal. In practice, many of the usual places to buy fir trees, such as nurseries, garden centers, DIY stores or supermarkets, are already part of the businesses authorized to remain open, but the decree confirms that fir trees are not included. products whose sale is prohibited.

In addition, the text also authorizes the sale of trees in establishments “which cannot accommodate the public”, like florists, closed during periods of confinement. However, it will have to be done “outdoors”, or by delivery or by ordering your tree in advance.

The text does not, however, evoke the fate of Christmas decorations, which must be taken out of the cupboard: at present, they remain considered as products prohibited for sale, including in open shops.

In 2019, nearly two out of 10 households bought a natural Christmas tree, i.e. 5.8 million trees, for a turnover of nearly 160 million euros, according to a study carried out by the Kantar firm.

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