You can now book through Amazon Mexico

PlayStation today showed all the games that will accompany the launch of the console, we knew that the best came at the end and we finally met the price of the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digiof.

Minutes later, its price was confirmed in our country. Amazon Mexico is the second online store that decides launch your presale of the PlayStation 5 at a price of 13,999 pesos.

Consola PlayStation 5 – PlayStation 5 – Standard Edition


The PlayStation 5 Digital too started its presale today with a price of 11,999 pesos.

He DualSense you can book now also and its price will be 1,799 pesos.


PULSE 3D wireless headphones are now available on reservation by 2,699 pesos.

The products are Sold and Shipped by Amazon Mexico, so it is an official dealer and a delivery date of the 12th of November, launch date of the PlayStation 5 in Mexico.

The number of units that will be arriving in Mexico is unknown, but we will always remember that Amazon Mexico does not charge for the product until hours before it is shipped, so it is always a good opportunity to reserve it and days before its launch, decide if it is the best option.

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