You can now check who sees your Facebook profile

Something that has always caught the attention of people on social networks is to know who visited our profile to avoid inconveniences, this goes both for Twitter as for Instagram and else. And now, there is a way to check this by FacebookThe best thing is that no external applications are needed to achieve the mission.

Of course, certain specific steps have to be followed. Here we leave you one by one:

1- Open Facebook from a PC.

2- Enter our profile.

3- Press F12 or the combination of Control + U.

4 – A new tab will open with the Facebook HTML code.

5 – Use the combination Ctrl + F to open the search engine within the browser.

6- Afterwards, write Buddy_ID and a series of codes with said phrase will be underlined in red. If they don’t, you have to press enter to tell the browser to do it.

7- All the Buddy_ID appear together with several digits that represent each user that has entered the profile.

8 – To find out who it is you must write: (and paste code).

9 – By giving enter the profile will appear.


With this option in the palm of your hand, you can now know who has gone to see the profile of Facebook, especially for the issue of red-handed people looking to steal personal data, including phone and mail. We will also have the certainty of choosing the display options, which includes the view of the close friends of the page.

On technology related issues. A way was discovered to be able to share the password of the Wi-Fi using a QR code, this for the devices of Apple that do not have the function. If you want to see each of the steps, we leave you the following link from here.

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