You can still buy toilet paper here

Don’t worry, you can still find toilet paper online.

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The spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has families everywhere in a hurry to get everything they need: hand sanitizers, cleaning wipes, diapers, and even canned food. But these items and so many other household items are more difficult to find as more and more shoppers come to the stores in bulk, leading to widespread product shortages, especially for products like toilet paper.

Do you want to buy large quantities of toilet paper, but want to avoid having to deal with large queues in your local shops? Don’t worry – you can still get enough toilet paper for the whole family and have it sent straight to your home. Stocks sell out quickly, so some items may no longer be available. However, we will update them daily so that you get everything you need as soon as it is available. Here are the places where you can now buy toilet paper and flushable wipes:

As a reminder of public service, we would like to remind everyone that buying household items is good and nice, but hoarding (buying more than you really need) actively hurts your friends and neighbors. So please buy responsibly.

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