You can’t believe its benefits.. Banana reduces your chance of getting the flu and strengthens your immunity

the banana It is the most popular fruit. It is delicious, inexpensive, and can provide an amazing amount of support for your immune system, keeping you healthy in the long run.eatthis“.

Reduce the incidence of influenza

Want to get through the upcoming flu season safely? Try adding some bananas to your routine now, according to a 2020 research article published in PNAS Engineered banana lectins, a type of indigestible sugar-binding protein, have been shown to show anti-influenza activity against multiple strains of the influenza virus..

Rich in vitamins that boost the immune system

According to the US National Library of Medicine, a vitamin B6 deficiency affects a variety of immune responses in the body. Bananas are among the healthiest foods that contain large amounts of the vitamin. B632% of the recommended daily value in one cup, sliced, or a medium-sized banana, and plays vitamin B6 A role in the formation of new blood cells and maintenance of the lymphatic system.

Reducing the risk of colon and rectal cancer

Eating foods rich in resistant starch, such as bananas, may help lower your risk, according to a 2013 review of research published in Current Opinion In gastrointestinal diseases, resistant starch is effective in reducing inflammation and may help reduce a person’s risk of developing colorectal cancer.

Gives your body an immune boost after exercise

Are you looking for the perfect food to fuel your workouts and keep your immune system strong? Instead of eating a piece of protein, eat a banana according to a 2012 study published inPLOS One However, individuals who ate a banana prior to the 75-kilometer cycling experience had less pronounced immune-compromised responses to vigorous exercise, including lower levels of exercise-induced inflammation and oxidative stress..

Reduces your risk of postoperative complications

The resistant starch in bananas may be your secret weapon when it comes to preventing negative outcomes after surgery, found a 2016 study published in the Journal of Nature Immunology That resistant starch, present in bananas, may cause beneficial changes to the bacteria in the human digestive system, thus reducing the risk of developing GVHD.

Improved gut health

The vast majority of immune cells live in your digestive system which makes gut health paramount When it comes to staying healthy, bananas can help maintain a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria in your gut giving your immune system a boost..

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