You don’t have to throw out expired food straight away

Sour milk? Expired yogurt? Overripe cheese? Better get away with it! It doesn’t have to be. Because a lot of expired food can still be processed into delicious dishes.

If you forget to put the milk, yoghurt or cheese in the refrigerator, they can spoil quickly. But that is no reason to throw these products in the garbage can.

Use sour milk

You can recognize spoiled milk by its sour smell. Still, there is no need to dispose of them. Instead, you can use them in various dishes.

Is Schimmel you should clearly discard the milk. Pasteurized milk, which is already badly spoiled, should also not be processed further.

Untreated, unpasteurized milk

Raw milk that has turned sour turns into sour milk. This can easily be consumed – pure or with a little sugar. Alternatively, you can use them to make cheese. For the latter, the milk is heated in a saucepan so that the whey settles. Now you have to strain everything off and then let it thicken.

Pasteurized milk

ESL and UHT milk should no longer be consumed pure when they have become sour. Otherwise, this can lead to nausea and diarrhea to lead. Instead of dumping them away, you can use the sour milk for pancakes or cake use. It is important that you boil the fresh or long-life milk beforehand.

Pancakes: Milk that has gone sour can be processed into pancakes or cakes. (Source: Svetlana Monyakova / Getty Images)

The spoiled milk is also suitable as a beauty mask. Apply some of this to the skin of your face and let it work for a few minutes. Then dab the skin with fresh, non-sour milk. The skin becomes smoother and the complexion finer.

Sour milk is also useful in the household – for example for cleaning your silver cutlery or your bathroom fittings. Also voles and moles in the garden are driven away by the sour smell of the drink.

Process overripe cheese

Are the Camembert, Harzer or other cheeses are already so aromatic that they are no longer suitable for the cheese platter, you don’t have to throw them away. You can also conjure up delicious dishes from them. It is important here – as with sour milk – that no mold or the like is visible.

Beware of histamine

Well-ripened cheese has a high concentration of histamine. In sensitive people, this can lead to strong health reactions. In addition to reddening of the skin, other symptoms include diarrhea, gastrointestinal cramps, and nausea a headache. The first signs are already visible after 30 to 60 minutes. Therefore, first test with a small amount whether you can still tolerate the cheese and only then process it further.

Strong smelling Camembert and Harzer

If Camembert and Harzer are too ripe, they develop a very strong smell and taste. These are intensified by heating. If you don’t like that, you should use both types of cheese in cold dishes. So is suitable for Camembert or Harzer, for example Obatzter, also Obatzda or Obazda.

Cut off the rind of soft cheese and see if the inside is still edible. Is the taste too unpleasant. you should dispose of the cheese.

Obazda: Obazda is a popular cheese dish in southern Germany and Switzerland.  (Source: Getty Images / kabVisio)Obazda: Obazda is a popular cheese dish in southern Germany and Switzerland. (Source: kabVisio / Getty Images)

Overripe Sliced ​​cheese and hard cheese

are Gouda, Edam and Co. already well matured, they are still ideal for numerous cheese dishes. These include Gratins go Art, Quiche Lorraine, Hand soups or aubergine aubergine. Hard cheese can also be processed in this way.

For Goat cheese is that suitable Green spelled goat cheese gratin.

Dried out Refresh the cheese

If the edges of the cheese – especially with cheese slices – are already very dry, you can use a simple trick to freshen them up. To do this, place the slices on a soup plate and pour fresh milk over them. Then put the plate in the refrigerator. After a few hours the dry edges will have disappeared.

Best before date is not an expiration date

The Best before date is not an expiration date, emphasizes the Consumer advice center Rhineland-Palatinate. The information only states until what point in time the manufacturer guarantees that a food will retain its typical properties such as taste, consistency and color. Many foods are therefore still edible after the best-before date has expired. This also applies to dairy products – provided they have been properly stored.

Because milk, yoghurt and cheese are not spoiled suddenly if the best-before date is exceeded. Rely on your own senses. If a product smells bad, looks unusual or tastes different than usual, you should no longer consume it.

Domed yogurt topper isn’t a bad sign

An unopened yogurt can be consumed up to ten days after the best-before date, explains the Hamburg consumer center. Contrary to what is often assumed, even a domed yogurt lid does not mean that the dairy product is bad. The vault is through living Lactic acid bacteria that are even healthy. However, if the milk product smells sour, it belongs in the garbage.


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