“You fear me”, the stick of China Suárez after her separation from Benjamín Vicuña

The China Suárez separated from Benjamin Vicuña and the news came to light thanks to him, who published a short statement on his Instagram stories. “We want the best for the family that we are and will continue to be. Today that we leads to take a new path apart as a couple. We appreciate the respect for this decision and giving us the time to live this process in the best way possible. Thank you, “he wrote, while the actress limited herself to sharing photos of the house she bought in Manzanares, where they planned to live together.

Hours later she spoke with her friend Marcelo Polino and revealed that it was she who made the decision to mark distance, although she clarified that there were no third parties in contention. Now he made a quite striking post that made noise to his followers. Was it a stick for your ex?

“Pisces: when you meet me, you think I’m quiet. When you talk to me, you want me to be quiet. When you meet me, you fear me when I’m quiet … “, is the text that is read in the image about your zodiac sign.

The surprising posting of China Suárez. (Photo: Instagram / Japanese blood).

While she is very focused on the remodeling of her new home, he takes refuge in friends and at work, since in addition to recording The first of us, comply with some advertising campaigns. In the next few days it will be Eugenia who will put all her energy into the workplace, as she will travel to Spain to film a movie with one of the actors who worked in The Money Heist.

The history between Vicuña and China began in 2015 according to Pampita, that acknowledged having found them having sex in the motorhome of the film set The red thread. They denied the version, but the romance was revealed three months later when they traveled to Miami.

La China and Vicuña have two children in common. (Photo: instagram / Japanese blood).

In November 2019, after finishing recording the last chapters of Argentina, land of love and revenge (eltrece)They had a great crisis. At that moment Eugenia said that they had decided to separate. “It was many years. We are at peace, there is no conflict. We had a beautiful relationship of great respect and affection. I adore him, he’s a hottie. He was a spectacular boyfriend. It was all very talkative, very healthy. We were both mature, “he said..

Benjamín Vicuña with China Suárez in “The Red Thread”. (Photo: file).

Back then, the actress made reference to “flirt ”by Elena Rivera, the Spanish woman who worked on the series Ines of my soul with Benjamin, and who shared a gigantography of the gallant with the comment “sexy bombshell”. “She is right, he is a sex bomb. I discussed it with him, he caught my attention. I think it was a joke. Maybe she doesn’t know that Argentina talks a lot about us“, Held.

Benjamín Vicuña and Eugenia are separated. (Photo: Instagram / Japanese blood).

Weeks later, they managed to smooth things over and reconciled. They also surprised when they announced that they were expecting their second child together, who was born in July 2020 in full strict quarantine and whom they decided to call Amancio.

Although they seemed very close and in love, the differences between them were increasing, as were the arguments. She would have reproached him for the little interest in remodeling the property they were going to move to in Manzanares, and fight after fight, they made the decision to follow each one on their own.


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