“You have a duty to listen to your die-hards but do not follow them because as soon as things heat up they will betray you and surrender to your opponent to safeguard interests”

In the Sonko affair, my party has already spoken out and defended Sonko by proclaiming our active solidarity and by opposing the lifting of his parliamentary immunity.

Sonko was called by the Dean of investigating judges from whom he can leave the cabinet with a dismissal, a committal or provisional release, or even a supervised release.

Given the tension that reigns in the country and the will of the two parties to fight it out, my duty as patriarch is to appeal for calm and to help this issue be resolved in a democratic manner while respecting the presumption of innocence.

This is why I ask President Macky Sall to enforce the law which prescribes that every citizen is presumed innocent until he is found guilty by a fair court, through a public, adversarial trial in absolute respect for rights of the accused and those of the defense.

I remind him that several times in my life as an opponent, my opponent President Abdou Diouf had the possibility of destroying me because the die-hards who surrounded him knew only strength and pushed him to destroy me for my sake. ‘prevent forever from taking power away from him in democratic elections.

While it is true that Abdou Diouf arrested me several times and put me in prison, he never wanted to destroy me; he has always refused to follow his diehards who, with the intoxication of power, are generally unable to earn an honest living through work and have chosen to take advantage of power to enrich themselves.

I can quote the late Mody Coumba Bâ who refused to carry out the will of the power to condemn me so that, President of the tribunal, he purely and simply acquitted me. At the time, marches had to be authorized and it was I who, when I came to power, passed a law declaring that the peaceful march was part of the right to freedom of expression and that it did not need to be. authorization. I deleted the authorization to walk to replace it with the freedom to walk which just needed the declaration to the Prefect in order to allow the executive to take measures to supervise it, not only to prevent overflows but also prevent intolerant adversaries from attacking marchers who were exercising a constitutionally recognized right.

Mr President Macky Sall, you also have die-hards around you as there always exist around all Presidents. You have a duty to listen to them but do not follow them because they have nothing to lose; as soon as things heat up they will betray you and surrender to the opponent to safeguard interests.

Do not listen to lying magistrates like Antoine Felix Diome in the Karim Wade case. Some magistrates try to guess what can please the President and do it with zeal but they lack sincerity. Abdou Diouf had refused to follow his advisers who wanted to destroy me. I myself refused to arrest Abdou Diouf as some advised me. In the past, magistrates have done their duty by refusing to follow the executive to arrest opponents. I can quote the late Mody Coumba Bâ, President of the court refused to carry out the will of some in the power to condemn me. He purely and simply acquitted me.

I hope to be followed by the two parties who, beyond taking passionate positions, will have at heart, I hope, to privilege the law and to avoid the confrontation with its procession of deaths, destruction of property of the state and patrimonies of peaceful citizens.

You will have enabled our country to make a success of a difficult passage and to show once again that it knows how to overcome the most difficult tests, in particular those which result from the passion of the political adversity.

Dakar on March 07, 2021

Abdoulaye Wade

Former President of the Republic

Leader of the Senegalese Democratic Party, liberal.


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