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The story of an episode of fortune became a viral tragedy on social networks.

Stefan Thomas, recently, it appeared among the proper names of ‘The New York Times’ as a result of an unusual situation: you have enviable loot in digital currency, yet you haven’t been able to use a single ‘cyber cent’ due to forgetting your account password.

It all happened ten years ago, when this engineer, based in the city of San Francisco, started the safeguarding of his bitcoins in IronKey, a kind of hard disk from which these types of electronic resources are managed.

Thomas, at the time, wrote down the IronKey password on a piece of paper that was neither too big nor too small. That little leaf did not last long in his hands, because sooner rather than later it was lost.

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After that, the engineer made the first attempts to ‘guess’ the password. However, they were unsuccessful. A detail nothing less is that You only have ten chances to find the password, or your account will be blocked.

It takes 8 so far.You only have two chances.

And how much money does Thomas have in bitcoins? Accumulate 7002 BTC, which would be equivalent to more than 600 billion Colombian pesos.

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‘How to make your own shoes’

During his interview with ‘The New York Times’, Thomas showed his frustration with the complications caused by what, in principle, served as a security mechanism.

“This whole idea of ​​being your own bank, let me put it this way, ‘do you make your own shoes?’ The reason we have banks is that we don’t want to deal with all those things banks do.“, he claimed.

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The newspaper itself explains that, for a long time, there have been cases of cryptocurrency owners frustrated with the impossibility of accessing their digital wallets. It is worth noting that they, as well as Thomas, They began their journey in the world of bitcoin without having much hope in this new economic modality.
Most of them have accounts opened for ten years.

The aforementioned media also explains that the cryptocurrency had a considerable rise in recent months, even in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

The engineer made the first few attempts to ‘guess’ the password. However, they were unsuccessful. Of the ten available attempts, only two remain

Some people, after the viralization of the story on social networks, proposed probable – albeit risky – ‘solutions’ so that Thomas and many other bitcoin owners can access their digital earnings.

Alex Stamos, professor at Stanford University, He proposed on his Twitter account the hiring of several security professionals who could find a ‘crack’ from which to enter the blocked IronKey.

Of course: Stamos took into account that, for more than 180 million dollars in a bitcoin account, in a certain way it is possible to find great experts given the promising amount to be recovered.

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Other Internet users pointed to the ‘negotiation’ with Kingston, name of the company that owns IronKey since 2016, in order to provide them with a prudent monetary percentage in exchange for unlocking.

Will Thomas be able to remember his password? It is worth noting that at this time the third will not be the charm.



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