You inherit getting old from your mother –

The researchers had not foreseen it themselves, but growing old cane is a trait that you inherit from your mother. If you have a mother who has reached the age of 95, it is more likely that you will also become very old.

Scientists from the Leiden University Medical Center have been following 944 very old Dutch people and their families for fifteen years. The families that lived the longest often had ancient mater familias.

PhD student Niels van den Berg and professor of molecular epidemiology Eline Slagboom of the LUMC talk about their finding in the AD: “If your mother also has siblings who have reached the age of 90, your chances of a long life will improve significantly . ”

They give two possible explanations: “We think that the construction of longevity lies in the so-called mitochondrial DNA, which only mothers can pass on. Another explanation is that the long-lived mothers at the end of the 19th century had a healthier body because of their genes and therefore had bigger and healthier children who developed better from birth than their peers. ”

Lifestyle did not play a role in this. “The children of the long-lived did not follow a special diet and did not exercise more than their partners. They are especially lucky that they come from special families: they are naturally healthier. ”

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