“You joined the devil’s army”: an elected Republican set on fire by his own family following his vote against Donald Trump

Adam Kinzinger, who has served in the House of Representatives since 2011, shared with the New York daily a letter on Monday from members of his family, furious at his vote in favor of impeaching the former Republican president for “incitement to insurrection”.

“Well, you cause a lot of disappointment to us and to God,” read the handwritten letter reproduced by The New York Times.

“You go against your Christian principles and you join + the devil’s army + (the Democrats and the fake news media)”, adds the author of the missive.

“So, so sad,” she punctuates, emphasizing these three words that Donald Trump used to hammer on Twitter before being banned from the social network.

The letter illustrates not only the political polarization at work in the United States, but also the deep divisions within the Republican Party, in full examination of conscience after the end of Donald Trump’s mandate.

Among the supporters of the latter, many express their anger at the Republicans who are breaking ranks and distancing themselves from the angry billionaire.

The letter made public says the “shame” of the family of the elected, who would have been taken in by the “socialist ideals” of the Democratic Party, according to the author.

Adam Kinzinger told The New York Times that the two-page letter was written by a cousin, Karen Otto, and signed by 11 members of her family.

“I wanted Adam to be ostracized,” Karen Otto told The New York Times, who said Mr. Kinzinger, 42, has an extended family: his father has 32 first cousins.

Adam Kinzinger was one of ten Republicans to vote in favor of impeaching Donald Trump in the House of Representatives. In the Senate, 7 Republicans voted in favor of his conviction.

Many now suffer the consequences of their votes, including the subject of censure motions from the locals of the Republican Party to which they are attached, like Mr. Kinzinger (Illinois) and Senator Richard Burr (Caroline North).

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