You look weak, Trump told the governors. They are supposed to be tougher against the protesters

According to CBS News, US President Donald Trump has repeatedly called on governors today to take stronger action against demonstrations and riots. He also criticized them for their weak actions so far, and warned them that without a tougher response, protests were grounded. One of the participants in the conference call with the governors called the president’s words crazy, the television said.

“You have to keep it under control. If you don’t have the upper hand, you’re just wasting your time. They’ll beat you. You’ll look like a bunch of idiots. You have to set the tone,” CBS News quoted the president as saying. The television noted that it had received an audio recording of the call.

Trump repeatedly spoke of the need for dominance and the need to enforce order in a more emphatic way. He said that the situation in the US capital is under control, but more police officers will be sent to the streets. In Washington, as in other parts of the United States, there were heated demonstrations over the weekend, even in front of the White House.

“Washington is under control, but we will expand our control even more,” the president said. “We will kill thousands of people,” he said, adding that the authorities would “step on the protesters very sharply.”

Trump called on governors and mayors to take tougher action on the weekend, when he threatened them on twitter that if they did not manage the situation, the federal government would intervene, which will not resist the deployment of the army.

According to CBS News, the president told the governors today that the far left is behind the violence. “Everyone knows that,” he said. “But they are also looters and people who think they can get things for free, run into shops and run out with television,” he said.

Trump said he saw footage of the looting. “You have all these guys recorded. Why don’t you catch up with them? The harder you are, the sharper you are, the less you will be beaten,” he added.

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