“You ruined the family.” Confiscated father’s pc

Three messages WhatsApp sent by Mario Bressi, after killing his 12-year-old children in their holiday home in Valsassina and before committing suicide between 2 and 3 on Saturday to his wife, Daniela, the last of whom would contain a long letter in which the murderer accuses the mother of the twins of having ruined their family. This is what emerges from the investigations on the tragedy, conducted by the carabinieri of Lecco and coordinated by the prosecutor Andrea Figoni and the prosecutor Antonio Chiappani, who aim to reconstruct and “crystallize” what happened on the night between Friday and Saturday in the village of Margno, 400 inhabitants, place for mountain enthusiasts and now upset. How destroyed and incredulous is the entire community of Gessate, the town in the Milanese hinterland where the family lived. At the entrance of the building, hanging from the gate, friends and schoolmates of the boys’ school left flowers, colored balloons and letters to remember the moments spent together. “You will always remain in my heart.”

A closeness that many expressed on social networks to Daniela that since yesterday, when she entered the house of horror where she had spent happy moments in the past, she is in shock. Everyone in Gessate knows the Bressi, as they know them in Gorgonzola, the village not far away, where Mario grew up. Now, however, one of the fundamental points to be clarified is whether the gesture of Bressi, who, before jumping from the Vittoria bridge 10 kilometers away, strangled and suffocated Elena and Diego and then reassembled them in the double bed as if they were sleeping, both been preordained. And to do this, the computer he had in Gessate’s apartment was also confiscated. For some time, the relationship between the two had become difficult, so much so that she had recently decided to separate even though no formal practice had yet been initiated. The analysis of the PC, which could be entrusted to an expert consultant, will serve to understand what is the reason for the double murder and suicide, also because so far neither his cell phone nor what they used were found. children.

Children strangled by their father: “He prepared food and killed them after dinner”

Children killed by father, mother’s cry at dawn: «They don’t wake up»

The autopsy on the bodies of children and father, scheduled for next Tuesday with the assignment of the assignment to the anatomopathologist Paolo Tricomi, should also provide important details such as the time of death – from an initial assessment it was placed between the late evening of Friday and the early hours of yesterday morning – and to clarify whether the kids, even if no evidence emerged, were sedated or not. The testimonies of friends and relatives collected by investigators and investigators have painted a picture of a couple in crisis but without particular quarrels that could foreshadow something, the three WhatsApps, shown and then delivered by Daniela – who immediately alarmed her – and this led to speculate that the man, in charge of quality control in a company in the province of Milano, in those days of vacation with the children had begun to harbor a grudge grown hour by hour to bring it to what investigators call a ‘short circuit. The first message would have references to the day-to-day management of kids, the second are photos of the twins with some of the names of places where Bressi wanted to take them on vacation and the third is a kind of long letter. A letter deemed “heavy” in which he accused his wife of having ruined the family and, in addition to telling her that he would no longer see his children, would have expressed his great difficulties for the frictions that had arisen in the family.

Children strangled by their father: “He prepared food and killed them after dinner”

Father kills the children and throws himself off the bridge. “Forever together”. Horror in Lecco

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