You walk more than 60 miles in 12 hours to support front workers and Chinatown in NYC

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Before the coronavirus pandemic, Leland Yu, a native of New York, worked as a line chef at Insa, a Korean restaurant in Brooklyn. He also had a career as a firefighter in New York, which requires intensive physical training.

“One of the things I heard that you had to do in [FDNY Fire] The academy runs five miles a day, ”Yu told Yahoo Life. In February, it seemed likely that Yu had a chance to enter the next class at the FDNY Fire Academy.

“When I heard that, I started to improve my physical training,” Yu says. “And then, of course, in March, the city was closed.”

Since many restaurants across the city had to close, Yu was fired from his job.

“In my head, I just said to myself,” I have this time, I’m going to test myself, “Yu explains. In March, Yu ran a half marathon a little over 13 miles a day, five miles a week.

Yu only did this twice before deciding to try a 21-mile run when an idea occurred to him. “I thought how can I help? [others] by doing something that I enjoy? “Yu says.

Leland Yu on Manhattan Bridge during his run to Chinatown
Leland Yu on Manhattan Bridge during his run to Chinatown

Yu grew up in Chinatown, New York City, and recognized the impact of COVID-19 on the community, where businesses had a significant impact even before the pandemic started.

Yu decided to fundraise for Welcome to Chinatown, an organization that supports Chinatown businesses and frontline workers in New York, and asked friends and family to pledge $ 1 for every mile traveled.

Leland Yu raised more than $ 24,000 to support NYC's Chinatown and front workersLeland Yu raised more than $ 24,000 to support NYC's Chinatown and front workers
Leland Yu raised more than $ 24,000 to support NYC’s Chinatown and front workers

On May 1, Yu ran a total of 61.66 miles around New York City in 12 hours to kick off the Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.

“One of the things I kept saying to myself was that every mile I walk is an extra dollar per person who will donate,” Yu says.

In the end, Yu raised up to $ 5 per mile with some donors up to $ 24,646 for Welcome to Chinatown, who used the funds for their Feed Our Heroes initiative. The initiative supports local restaurants in Chinatown by buying meals to feed the most important and important health care workers in NYC.

“It’s a great feeling, honestly,” says Yu. But he is not honoring himself.

“I know I was the one who did the run,” says Yu. “But we had maybe 300 unique donors who donated for me. You know, it really wouldn’t be a story without all the people who contributed to it. “

Yu said how it felt to finish the run: “Probably the best feeling was when I finally got to Manhattan Bridge. In the middle of the bridge the sun was strong and it felt really good on my skin … and then back to Chinatown. It felt so good. “

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