You want to change car but you are lost? “Here are my tips”

January requires, I suggest you review the criteria for choosing a new vehicle.

To say that there is no Auto Show this year is not entirely accurate. It had been years since car brands in Belgium sold directly at the Motor Show. But this one remained a great moment both for car enthusiasts and for those who had to change their vehicle. We came to the Show to discover the models, the options, to see and touch the vehicles, but we went to the dealership to negotiate the conditions and sign the purchase contract.

Here, there is no Auto Show because of Covid, but not only… and therefore the manufacturers have competed in inventiveness to be present and active both on the web and especially in dealerships.

Too many different energy sources losing buyers

Electric, hybrid, we forget the gas probably for now… It seems that the choice has never been so complicated, which has resulted in particular in a drop in the purchase of new cars, so it is not not the only reason, but it is one.

The proliferation of options perplexes prospective buyers.

So precisely, what are the recommendations that we can give to a potential buyer who needs to change his car?

A great car just for going on vacation: to think about

In general, prospective buyers have a good idea of ​​the size of the car and the desired color. Still ask yourself the question about the template. Do you really need a big car just to go on vacation? Couldn’t you opt for a smaller, cheaper one and rent a bigger one for the holidays?

No electric under 400 km of autonomy for most Belgians

This question evacuated, the real dilemma is the motorization. Technically speaking, no choice of engine proves catastrophic. It all depends on how you will use it. If you consider an electric motorization, know that most Belgians have a psychological threshold of 400km of autonomy to feel comfortable.

The resale price of an electric after 5 years: an unknown

To choose this engine, try to calculate what is called the total cost of ownership. What your new car will cost you, until you wear it out or part with it. Do not take into account only the purchase price, think also of all the tax charges which have evolved considerably, the price of fuel and electricity, the cost of maintenance. But also at the expected resale value. And then it gets much more difficult. What will your diesel be worth when certain regions ban its circulation? Not much, no doubt… but what will an electric vehicle be worth on resale in 5 years? At equal size, probably more than a diesel, but that also remains an unknown.

Ask yourself also the question of the role you want to play as a citizen in the global pollution linked to mobility. Whether it is by the model chosen or not the way in which you are going to use the vehicle.

And if you can’t find your way around, the Test-Achats comparator will allow you, on the basis of a few questions, to guide you towards the best engine.

That of the Automobile Monitor compares the cars on the market.

Finally, here is some useful information on buying a new vehicle:

Necessary documents

Once you have made your choice, the seller will give you an order form. Check that all the information on the order form corresponds to what you agreed with the seller. On the order form must include the following information:

  • Vehicle characteristics: make, model, year of manufacture, options and color
  • The agreed price
  • The reduction granted
  • The delivery date of the car
  • The date and place where the purchase order was established
  • The signature of the buyer and the seller
  • The possible subscription to a credit
  • The possible trade-in amount for your old car

When you pick up the vehicle, control that it corresponds to the description on the order form. If this is not the case, you can refuse the vehicle.

The seller must show you the documents following:

  • The invoice which must contain the following data:
    • The characteristics of the car (make, model, cubic capacity, year of manufacture, etc.)
    • The date of purchase
    • The price excluding VAT
    • The VAT rate (currently 21%)
    • The amount of VAT
    • The price including VAT
  • The certificate of conformity guaranteeing that the vehicle meets the necessary technical specifications
  • The pink form: application for vehicle registration

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