“You will be missed”… Olivia Ruiz in mourning after a terrible disappearance, she is devastated!

Singer Olivia Ruiz is not recovering from the death of Jean-Michel Boris. This man was her mentor but also her friend. And many other artists miss him.

On her Instagram account, the beautiful Olivia ruiz paid a touching tribute to Jean-Michel Boris. This man of the show passed away on November 6 at the age of 87. Adored by many artists, he has indeed directed the famous hall of the Olympia in Paris.

The singers all had moving memories to share in memory of this man appreciated by the world of culture. Singer Olivia Ruiz is losing her mentor and friend today. Its publication touched its subscribers right in the heart.

“This place is you, we will never forget it.”

“You will miss. Your enthusiasm. Your rascality, your loyalty. Your generosity. Your magical stories, thrilling like those of the great griots. Your tenderness. Your reassuring presence at each of my major meetings since that day in 2003 when you opened your door to me without ever closing it. ”, she began by writing.

And to continue: “I’m sure you continue to watch over the artists, over us ‘your little ones’. You can’t help yourself. And we still need it. This place is you, we will never forget it, any more than we will forget you Jean-Michel ”, she finally told him.

The former candidate of the Star Academy thus moved the 23,600 subscribers of his Instagram account. Many of them immediately showed their support. Indeed, they did not fail to send him messages of support.

« I just cry. »

In addition, last June, Olivia ruiz published his first novel, The dresser with colored drawers. From the first three months, the book was a great success in bookstores. It has indeed sold more than 100,000 copies. For the singer, however, it was not easy to leave the musical world. “When you’re a singer and actress, you tell yourself that everyone will fall on us if you come up with a novel”, she confided to the magazine Gala last October.

But the artist then had a pressing need to write about his family origins. “Silence is murderous. We must transmit, because knowing where we come from helps to know where we are going, confided the one who evokes the exile of her grandmother on the Swiss radio television. What exists in the stories of our ancestors affects our lives. Knowing your roots means knowing yourself better, and probably being more open to the rest of the world too. ”

Because the exile of his grandmother greatly moved his readers. Many of them shared messages with Olivia Ruiz on social networks. The budding writer thus received poignant testimonies “Of people who spoke again to members of their family with whom they were angry, because they understood things”, others “Who have traveled 600 kilometers to go to their family’s land to understand things”, or people “Who just say thank you because they feel less alone”. Thus, these messages from readers and fans made him very happy. Olivia Ruiz reads them very carefully. “I just cry reading the comments on Instagram and Facebook”, she had finally entrusted to the microphone of Europe 1, Tuesday, October 6.

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