You will not believe: what appeared in the thighs of the famous dancer (Safinaz) astonished everyone .. and the hidden was revealed to the public!!

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The famous Armenian dancer, residing in Egypt, Safinaz, was criticized by her fans because of the size of the flabbiness she suffers from.

Although her statements on a TV program topped Google’s trend, her appearance took the largest part of the trend, as Safinaz appeared to talk about her husband’s betrayal and separation from him because of that, and the offers she received to marry secretly.

Safinaz caused a sensation and was ridiculed and criticized for sagging, as comments poured out on a video clip of her, including: “Her body is very flabby.”

She has a really saggy percentage, but she is sweet and strong, she is not flabby at all, she just shrugs her hips, while another said, that her husband has the right to divorce her as a result of the many flaccidity that fills her body,

According to him. She said that there are many sheikhs in the Gulf countries who secretly offered her to marry her, but she refused: “They did not like me,

They are old men, and I love little men.” The famous dancer revealed that her father threatened to burn her if she became a belly dancer.

The dancer, Safinaz, made several statements in which she spoke about her private life, especially about her previous marriage and her life before she was a famous dancer in the Arab world.

She talked about her married life from a rich Jordanian man when she was twenty years old, noting that she met him in Sharm el-Sheikh. The dancer said that she was visiting Sharm El-Sheikh regularly to dance there as a tourist and a visitor only to the place, and she married him.

She added that he was carrying her so that her feet would not get dirty while walking in the street, and he was preparing food for her, and he loved her very much, and revealed that she did not love him.

But his tenderness for her caught her attention, which made her fall in love with him later, after which she divorced him after she obtained a work contract in the State of Bahrain on a penalty clause of one million dollars.

The dancer, Safinaz, confirmed that there are many old men in the Gulf countries who offered her secret marriage, but she refused. She said, “I didn’t like it, they are old men and I like little men.

Safinaz also revealed that her father had previously threatened to burn her if she turned professional in belly dancing, as he told her: “If you dance again, I will burn you with gasoline, because my father hated dancing and acting and believed that girls are in their place at home.”

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