“You will remain my strength, my giggles…, my mother, my battle”

This Wednesday, December 16, actress Caroline Cellier, widow of Jean Poiret, died. It is his son, Nicolas Poiret, who announces it on Facebook: “Today, we leave each other for a few minutes but you will have been and you will remain eternally my strength, my laughter, my anxieties, my derision, my blows. of blood, my signet ring of injustices, my detector of hypocrisy, my moon, my Moune, my mother, my battle! “

Following this announcement, many Internet users joined in his pain and gave him kind heartwarming messages.

Caroline Cellier is a French actress of theater, cinema and television. She was the wife of the well-known Jean Poiret from 1965 to 1992, when he died. Its heyday in French cinema took place in the second half of the 20th century. The magazine Here looks back on its biggest successes: “The moviegoers were able to know her in” The Year of the Jellyfish “, by Christopher Frank, released in 1984 and thanks to which she won the Oscar for best supporting actress the following year . For others, her recognition comes with her role in “Thousand Billion Dollars” by Henri Verneuil, where she plays the wife of Patrick Dewaere. Lighter, she is the owner of the astonishing dog Didier, in the eponymous film by Alain Chabat, released in 1997. “

“The film that will mark the life of Caroline Cellier remains her very first. In 1965, the actress made her film debut in “La Tête du client” by Jacques Poitrenaud. It was during the making of this film that she met Jean Poiret, who would be the man of her life. The two remained together until the death of the actor, in 1992. Caroline Cellier and Jean Poiret would therefore have a son, Nicolas, born in 1978. In 1989, three years before the death of the actor, they married. . “

She should soon be buried alongside her husband in the Montparnasse cemetery.


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