Youku’s new variety show “Squid’s Victory” was accused of plagiarizing “Squid Game”, Youku said: “Misuse” is not plagiarism | T客邦

Netflix’s “Squid Game” became popular. Although it is logically unavailable to watch in China, it is clear that many people have already watched it. Not only have a large number of peripheral products sold well on Taobao, but now even plagiarism dramas are being launched.

Recently, a new variety show called “Squid’s Victory” has attracted attention in the film list launched by Youku. According to the introduction of the online information, “Squid’s Victory” will be a variety show with a big challenge of intelligence and physical strength. It will adopt a mode of strong plot advancement and team combat.

The problem is that this “Squid’s Victory” not only uses squid in the name, but also uses the classic circles, triangles, and squares in the “Squid Game” on the promotional posters.

Within a few hours after the announcement, Youku was scolded on the Internet. Many people believed that “Squid’s Victory” was too shameful to copy the Korean drama “Squid Game”.

Youku's new variety show

Youku plagiarism is simply a habitual offender

South Korean media have also noticed that many South Korean media including Yonhap News Agency and JTBC TV station conducted intensive reports on the 21st.

Youku's new variety show

What’s even more smashing is that the official “Squid Game” paid attention to this matter and specially issued an official statement stating that it has never sold copyright to China. And they also mentioned another thing “incidentally”, that is, Youku also produces another variety show, “The Great Dance Club” is very similar to the Korean variety show “Street Fighter”, they said that it is also not for sale. Over copyright.

Youku's new variety show

This meaning is already obvious, and it means you are warning Youku: Stop plagiarizing, your plagiarism is no longer a matter of a day or two.

Regarding this “Amazing Dance Club”, some netizens in China criticized it, saying that it is a variety show that is completely copied from the screen to the variety show content. Plagiarize yourself, and put all the designs so generously.”

Youku: Sorry, we “misused”

However, Youku later stated that this was “misuse” rather than plagiarism.

They explained that due to work mistakes, the first draft of the design that had been “killed” was mistakenly used at the China Merchants Association, and the new poster and program name announced by the platform were changed to “Game of Victory”.

However, netizens also don’t believe Youku’s claims. They think that this new poster seems to be driven out within half an hour, “Just kill this variety show!”

Youku's new variety show


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