Young female gave birth to quintuplets and “didn’t buy a house to live in her mother’s house”. A family of 9 depends entirely on her father | International | CTWANT

There is a couple in Taishan, Shandong, China, who gave birth to quintuplets. (Picture/Reposted from Qilu Evening News)

1 in 60 million chance! A 24-year-old woman in Tai’an City, Shandong Province, China, gave birth to quintuplets on March 20 last year. Among them, Dabao is an older sister and the other four are younger brothers, which has attracted widespread attention from the society. Nearly a year later, the recent situation of the family has also been exposed.

According to the “Qilu Evening News” report, the quintuplets lived in their mother’s house after they were born, and the family of 7 slept in one bedroom at night, with diapers and milk powder piled up on the floor, except for the two big beds, there was only a small space next to the small drinking table. , The large windows in the bedroom lead to poor insulation of the house in winter. 5 Baoma is worried that the child will be cold. When sleeping at night, she will get up at any time to add charcoal, because sometimes the air conditioner is not warm enough, so it needs to be used together with the radiator.

There is not enough space for a family of 7 to squeeze into one bedroom. (Picture/Reposted from Qilu Evening News)

The responsibility of taking care of the baby falls on the father, mother, and grandma, and the neighbors nearby will also find time to help. The main source of income for the family is the salary of the quintuplet grandfather, plus grandma, who needs to support the whole family of 9 people. It is understood that the grandfather of the quintuplets works on the construction site, and the two daughters in the family are still studying in Jinan. They can only take care of and subsidize them to the best of their ability. There are 10 people in the house.

Due to the large number of people in the family and a lot of things, 5 Baoma was born to buy a homestead or second-hand house in the village. She found a good one, but she had to sign an agreement with the second landlord. The original owner was unwilling to sign. There are risks, so I am unwilling to buy, and there is no conclusion until now. Now that the child is growing up day by day, the space at home is getting smaller and smaller, which makes her anxious.

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