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Anthony Piloseno is the name of a young man from the state of Ohio, in the United States, who went viral on TikTok after recording videos mixing paint in his work. But when the owner of the company found out, he disengaged him for using his working hours and wasting company implements.

As detailed by the American portal BuzzFeed the part-time employee, who was in his final year at Ohio University, used to work in the paint trading store Sherwin-Williams .

With little more than three years of experience, he decided to create the TikTok account Tonesterpaints, which reaches more than 1.2 million followers. On the platform, since 2019, the young man showed what the paint mixing process was like, which aroused the curiosity of users.

After discovering the worker, the company decided to investigate the account on social networks and, finally, Piloseo ended up fired for using his work time and company equipment. In the dismissal letter, to which the media agreed, the act was considered a “serious offense” for “wasting property and company facilities.”

In addition, he was accused of having promised to sell cans of paint at the worker’s discount, which would have aggravated the situation.


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Piloseno said that “first they accused me of stealing, I told them that I bought all my painting (…) They made me answer a lot of questions, like when was I doing this, where, if there was someone in the store while I was filming. There was never anyone with me while I was doing it. “

He also explained that he had seen viralization as an opportunity for the company. He assured that he created the account “to show the company how TikTok has a younger base” and “to develop brand awareness through TikTok.”

However, all the videos played against him. His termination letter specifies that “at the conclusion of our investigation, it has been determined that he is violating several policies of gross misconduct.”

The company explained that the separation, which occurred last July, came after a “complaint from a client.

Piloseno, meanwhile, complained that the company did not contact him to tell his version of events. “I was quite angry at first, but there was nothing I could really do,” he closed.


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