Young Kanchai likes this! After Ann Thongprasom reveals that she has been with her boyfriend for 20 years and has never checked her mobile phone.

It can be said that they are lovers who have been in a relationship for 20 years. Ann Thongprasom and A Thinphan At the latest, the woman has come to open up about the relationship. Along with clearing doubts about marriage through the 3 Zaap program that

Haha! Ann Thongprasom leads the couple running before teasing Kimberly like a giraffe!?

Ann Thongprasom holding a bag showing But netizens are out of focus Because the muscles of the arms pull the eyes!

Ann Thongprasom wants to meet Mai Davika asks the organizer of the drama to create a Thai version of A World of Married Couple.

There was a period when Ann would open an apartment and place. Ann thought that it would be better to make it fit. Getting married and planning to have a younger brother like this Then Ann ruined it herself. The rhythm of the ann allocates the system to something not something. So it made it go beyond that time. And then Khun A is a person who doesn’t talk much. He said it once and it was over. Then Ann did not connect herself. So go ahead

Does he have a distraction for 20 years?

  • Ann said there must be We also look here and there. I saw something beautiful. Something is that Ann and K. A aren’t the kind to get involved in personal matters. Ann’s cell phone never checked. Ann believes that things are stupid. If evil is seen Ann will have no way to surround it. If he thinks of doing that, then he has chosen. Then you do the show. Will I know if I picked the right person or not?

This work made Young Kanchai One of the hosts of the 3 Zaap program was stunned and said: Really, ouch! very good made 2 girls, the moderators like Aff Thaksorn and Chompoo Araya They burst into laughter, including Ann Thongprasom who teased that hit a lot (laugh)

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