Young man denounces that his mother who suffered a stroke has not been treated due to lack of equipment – Bogotá

Yeimi Cruz Cadena no longer knows what other doors to knock on. His mother, María Emilia Cadena, 66, He became ill on October 14, 2020. He had a severe headache while at home. “We had to take her by ambulance to the Hospital San Carlos foundation.”

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She says that they received her there and then, at around 10:30 in the morning, they admitted her to the intensive care unit (ICU), in bed 2018. They had to sedate her and tube her. This hospital is located at Carrera 12 D No. 32-44 South.

Her daughter says that she had a CT scan and that the result was that she had a lot of blood in her brain. “The serious thing is that in that hospital they say that they cannot do any other treatment because they do not have equipment and they have not done any other examination. They had to keep her sedated ”.

They have to determine what caused the stroke, but her daughter says they have not been able to do more tests. “From the same 14 the ICU doctors sent the referral to the hospital and began to do the procedure but This in turn says that from that day he informed Servisalud that it is my mother’s EPS ”.

His daughter adds that the EPS said that it has not been able to make the transfer because the Ministry of Health is in charge of all the ICUs in Bogotá. “But the entity tells us that they are not responsible for anything because Servisalud is a private entity. So we no longer know what to do ”.

Yeimi says her mother requires urgent and specialized care. “The doctor tells us that this is vital emergency care. Anyone would be worried about their mom. ”

EL TIEMPO spoke with the Ministry of Health who said that the San Carlos Hospital is private and that in reference to transfer, they have not received a request from the treating physician or the EPS for an ICU bed. He added that it is the EPS who must find him an institution that has the equipment and specialized personnel for his care.

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