A day of violent incidents is the one that is lived this October 18, one year after the social outbreak, in the center of Santiago. Among the most outstanding facts is the looting and burning of the San Francisco de Borja Church, temple used regularly by the Carabineros for institutional ceremonies.

There, cameras showed that a group of hooded men entered the back of the building, extracting objects to light barricades in the vicinity. The same church was then set on fire.

In the action, a young woman took a picture where she is seen celebrating the fire, which she uploaded to her Instagram account under the slogan “The only church that illuminates is the one that burns”.

Instagram | @peppadelkaos

According to the uniformed police, at least 6 people were arrested for these events, of which one was arrested inside the Church, four in the vicinity, while it has not been reported where the sixth was caught.