Young people between the ages of 26 and 31 among the 20 new deaths from COVID-19

Deaths from the coronavirus, COVID-19, continue to rise amid a spike in cases from the delta variant of the virus.

In the latest report from the Department of Health, the agency reported 20 deceased people, with the Mayagüez regions and the metropolitan area being the most impacted and young people as well as older adults.

Among the deceased are a man and a woman aged 26 and 31 respectively, being the youngest on the list, followed by someone aged 41 and 54, all from the Mayagüez region. In addition, in the same area other deaths of people were identified, two with 93 years, 66, 73, 79 and 87.

While in the metropolitan area, people of the ages of 59, 72, two of 80 and 98 were identified.

In the other regions, two deaths were identified, aged 64 and 74 in Bayamón, 64 and 90 in Caguas, and 56 and 93 in Caguas.


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