Young Sornram said this after the comeback of Channel 7, Kop Suwanan.

Most recently, “young Sornram” posted a picture of a couple of frogs with a caption. “”Fire Kinnaree.. Last week, my cousin..Louis who loves and respects @louis_daravdo Call and tell me to do a play for me… I replied without thinking, “Yes, sir.” Then Louis said that he was playing with Nong Kob (Suwanan) @kob_nada_nadol.Young man… thought softly that the three of us The director of the show, the heroine, the heroine with a work that always impresses the fans of Channel 7… and this is a new work that will come to the fans of Channel 7 Color TV. for you again….Thank you Louise @louis_daravdo oppa @noi_mini and video star @daravideo_official and Channel 7 @lakorn_cn_7 for always trusting me… No more covids. See you, parents, brothers and sisters….. “Fire Kinnaree” #concentrate on working and taking care of mother and raising children well #samurai father and son #caught on the ground but able to fly #two bodies one heart #​STVeeji#​saveveeji​ @louis_daravdo​ @noi_mini​ @kob​_nada_nadol @lakorn_cn_7​ @daravideo_official @sornramfanclub”


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